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We don't send a salesman - we send a pest control technician ready to work. 
Our technicians are trained to identify and solve pest problems.  They will discuss your options and their cost, and then complete the job to your satisfaction. That means just one appointment and one person to feel comfortable about.  

Appointment times are on the hour because your time is important.
Our appointments are scheduled on the hour so you don't have to wait around all morning or afternoon. We work hard to be on time as often as possible and we know that you would appreciate a call when we're running behind.  We understand the importance of communicating with you and being available for your calls.

You will receive great service at a competitive price. 
We use the best products legally available because satisfied customers are what make a company grow.  People want their pest problems solved.  That’s why they call us.

Your pest problem will be solved by a company that stands behind their work.
We are confident in our business and our choice of products; this is why we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the end result.  There are a thousand pest control companies to choose from, but only a few which have our experience and reputation.  You can choose us with confidence that we will back our work.

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