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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Nocturnal parasite feeds on mammalian blood principally human but also cat dog or rodent. Hide by day in crevices, in beds, furniture, wallpaper, skirting boards and emerge at night time when hungry usually every few days to feed.

Up to 200 eggs are laid at a rate of 4-5 per day glues in crevices and harbourages. Bed bugs live up to a year; bed bug bites may cause an allergic reaction but not a known disease carrier. Infestation usually occurs by transferring second hand furniture and bedding. Or may be carried by luggage.

Control of bed bugs usually requires a combination of methods

  • A thorough finger tip search should be undertaken in all areas where biting has occurred.
  • Bed linen should be removed and put into a hot wash to remove any eggs nymphs and adults.
  • Once located should be removed or killed using an insecticidal sprays, and a follow up should be considered because the bed bug infestation is very persistent.
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