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´╗┐Wasps are insects with two pairs of membranous wings and have the characteristics of black and yellow patterning on the abdomen. They have a black coloured head and thorax.

The over winter the fertilised queen wasp emerges from hibernation around mid-April and searches for a suitable site for her colony. This site typically is either underground, in cavities in trees and buildings. From chewed bark and dried timber mixed with saliva she makes the initial cell and lays 10-20 eggs. The queen will then feed larvae on insects and other invertebrates until they develop in to worker wasps. The queen will still continue to produce eggs which the worker wasps will take care of.

During the latter part of the summer males and young queens emerge mating occurs and the fertilised queens fly away to select over wintering site and to start a new colony for the following year. At the height of the season there may be as many as 25000 wasps in a nest.

Although wasps visit dustbins, waste depose and dead animals bodies and may possibly spread diseases, there manly know as a nuisance in the summer. Wasps can inflict a painful still and in more cases the sting is no more that an unpleasant pain.

In rare cases, a single sting could induce a condition known as anaphylactic shock (an extreme reaction to the toxin in the wasp’s venom.)

Wasps are generally easy to control using a commercial product if access near to the nest or near to the nest area can be gained.

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