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The grey squirrel:Was deliberately introduced to Great Britain from North America since then it has spread throughout most of mainland England and Wales.Can be found in mixed woodland and also hedgerows, gardens, in lofts wall cavities. Grey squirrels build nests (or dreys) of twigs and leaves in the forks of trees and they may also use tree hollows known as dens. Dreys and dens are used for both for shelter and for breeding.

Breeds around February/March and occasionally June/July time. The gestation period lasts around 45 days. Litters 4-5 young.

Grey squirrel will eat a wide range of items from nuts, fruit buds, bird eggs and nestlings. By gnawing they can damage tree bark and the fabric of buildings, the most serious damage in urban areas rises where grey squirrels enter the roof spaces of houses and other buildings by climbing the walls or jumping from nearby trees.

Various methods of control for these species are allowed by law (drey poking, shooting, cage traps and poison baiting).

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