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Found worldwide and throughout Britain. The feral or town pigeon can breed all year round the peak breeding season is March and July. These birds descended from rock doves. Feral pigeons build their nests in or on buildings and other structures. Nesting on buildings and ledges they cause large amounts of fouling and damage to buildings, monuments and vehicles. Droppings can also make pavements external fire escapes etc slippery.

Feral pigeon mainly rely on spillages or scraps left by the public. Feral pigeons are regarded as a potential transmitters of diseases. High portion of pigeons are infected with ornithosis (a mild form of psittacosis). Some have been known to carry salmonellosis.

Many methods may be used to control pigeons (trapping, shooting, proofing).

Food is the important factor to determine the size of pigeon population and for the long term solution to pigeon problem is to restrict food availability.

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