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German cockroach: (know as a steam fly).

Primarily nocturnal and a pest of warm, humid conditions. Found in heated buildings prefer narrow harbourages close to the food water source. They live close to the surface, usually found in areas such as kitchens and boiler rooms. The reason that they are successful breeders is they carry the egg case (ootheca) until 1-2 days within hatching. Each ootheca produces 30-40 eggs and they can produce 8 ootheca a year. Young adults (nymphs) take an average of 3 months to reach maturity. German cockroaches can climb smooth surfaces and known to carry and spread various human disease organism. They feed on almost anything such as soap, glue etc.
When treating German cockroaches harbourage areas at some height above ground level should be treated in view of their climbing ability. High hygiene standards should be maintained around food and refuse areas.

Oriental cockroach (black beetle):

Primarily nocturnal a pest of warm environments tolerant of cooler conditions. Forage on a wide range of foods but needs access to free water. In many areas this cockroach can survive quite well outside but does live mostly inside. Found indoors heated buildings, heating ducts and also in drains, refuse tips. Can climb rough surfaces not as good as breeder German cockroaches, females usually deposit their egg case (ootheca) within 30 hours after it is formed. It either dropped or glued to something in a warm protected area close to foods source. Female produces 5 ootheca each containing an average of 16 eggs.
They feed on all types of food and decaying organic matter. Serious pest in heated building such as hotels, laundries, multi occupant dwellings. Can carry disease organisms.
Difficult to eradicate because lives deep within the building fabric. Combination of different formulation of different areas will give the most effective treatment.

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