Pesticide free insect and rodent control

It has long been acknowledged that the use of chemically based pesticides can cause harm to the environment, to ourselves, and to non target animals. That is why we are moving towards systems for pest control that are organic and pesticide free. New ways of controlling pests are continually being developed.  Whether these are insects or rodents that appear within residential or commercial properties, or the larger rodents or species that live in the natural urban and rural environment causing damage to gardens and crops.  Examples include rabbits, foxes, moles and squirrels which can now be controlled by the use of legal trapping,exclusion,habitat reduction,more frequent inspection , understanding the behaviour of the  pest species and using this against the pest to be control  rather than by poison.

At Pestline we try to offer to our customers all possible alternatives in pest control management. So just give us a call and we can explain all of the options that are open to you!

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